About Alone Together Puzzles


Working from Perth, Western Australia, for over 25 years, Joanna Lamb has held successful solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Singapore. With widespread recognition, her art appears in many prominent public collections – from the Art Gallery of Western Australia to Parliament House in Canberra.
During the lockdown of 2020, Joanna’s enthusiasm for jigsaw puzzles was reignited. She was struck by the similarities between piecing together puzzles and how she produces her own artworks.
Indeed, the observation inspired her to create her own unique and contemporary take on this common pastime. And so, Alone Together Puzzles was born – with the first two 1000-piece puzzles, Garden and Crested Pigeon, based on paintings completed in 2020.
An artist’s eye
Stylistically, Joanna’s artwork is perfectly suited to jigsaw puzzles. Her body of work investigates suburban and urban environments that we encounter in everyday life, characterised by a flattened pictorial plane, complex colour play and the formal arrangement of shapes.
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